Episode 08 - Live - Alex Elkin, George Ingels, CJ The DJ, Juan Knutson

October 29, 2015

 A LIVE episode with Alex Elkin (@elfkin80) and some local Bend comics, that we recorded prior to our showcase at Volcanic Theater. With: George Ingels (@georgeingels2), CJ the DJ, and Juan Knutson. Hosted by Ryan Traughber (@RyanTraughber & @BendComedy)
(Recorded: March 2014)


Episode 07 - Amanda Arnold and Josh Laye

July 28, 2015

Portland comics, Amanda Arnold (@manduh_arnold) and Josh Lay (@JoshLLay) sit down with Ryan (@RyanTraughber) and talk-shop! (Recorded: January 2014)


Episode 06 “After Party” - Doug & Teresa Wyckoff and George Ingels

July 12, 2015

After the show, it's the "After Party" Episode!!! In the wake of an amazing show, we sit down again with Doug (@DougWyckoff) and Teresa (@FlyingWaitres) Whyckoff. This time we are graced by the presents of George Ingels (@GeorgeIngels2), one of Bend Comedy's original comics. (Recorded: Feb 2014)


Episode 06 - Doug & Teresa Wyckoff

May 29, 2015

We get to observe a crazy couple of Wyckoffs in their natural habitat. Ryan sits down and jokes about jokes with Doug and Teresa Wyckoff. @DougWyckoff @FlyingWaitress (Recorded: Feb 2014)


Episode 05 - Kermet Apio

February 8, 2015

Ryan invites Kermet Apio out to the Traughber Ranch to sit on the porch-swing and discuss life over a jug of sun-tea. (Recorded: Oct 2012) @KermetApio


Episode 04 - Big Jim Willig and Jimmy Newstetter

December 10, 2013

Dueling Jims! This episode is wicked awesome! @BigJimWillig @JimmyNewstetter


Episode 03 - Live - Sean McBride and Scott VonWald

October 22, 2013

Our third live episode welcomes Sean McBride (@SeanMcBride) of the NFL Network and "Dirty Jokes: The Movie". Also, Portland comic, Scott VonWald (@ScottVonWald) of Status Dropout Entertainment. With co-host Tony G.


Episode 02 - Live - Alex Rios, Tony G and Juan Knutson

October 3, 2013

Episode 2 is a live podcast with some Bend Comedy staples. Alex Rios, Tony G and Juan Knutson.


Episode 01 - Live - Will Woodruff and Andy Schanz

September 24, 2013

For our first episode, we do a live podcast with Portland comedians Will Woodruff and Andy Schanz. Will shares his cleanest and dirtiest jokes, while Andy accompanies us on the piano.


Comedy NW - Episode 00 - Intro

September 24, 2013

Hello listeners! This is your host Ryan Traughber and this is the Comedy NorthWest Podcast. This is where you can listen to the stories, jokes and interviews of real comedians! You will get to hear candid conversations and live podcast shows. If you would like to learn more or come to a live podcast recording, go to ComedyNW.com or BendComedy.com.